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A Thai - KC BBQ concept brought to you by Executive Chef & Pit Master Ted Liberda NOW OPEN in Overland Park

Buck Tui is a Thai term of endearment; a particularly fond way of calling to a young chubby boy. It’s what Ted Liberda has been called by family and friends since he was small. There is a tradition in both Thai cooking and barbecuing of companionship, collaboration, and togetherness; each element working together to create something truly memorable. Working in restaurants around Kansas City for 30 years, Liberda is bringing that familiar calling from his kitchen at home to the kitchen at Buck Tui BBQ. 

As a Kansas City native and local restaurateur, Ted Liberda is well known around town. He grew up eating both Kansas City- style barbecue as well as his mother’s home-cooked Isaan Thai classics. She still owns and operates Thai Diner in Lawrence, KS. Ted trained at the Florida Culinary Institute before coming back to town. He’s married to Pam Liberda, Executive Chef at Waldo Thai, and they have two daughters. 

Over the years through both experience and challenges, Ted has discovered joy in barbecuing. The required patience, methodology, nuanced practices and meal sharing with those around him brings him hope - a hope that he wants to share with all of KC. Family and culture are blended through these practices, both in personality and recipes.

Buck Tui BBQ brings together the complementary flavors of Northeastern Thai cuisine and Kansas City Barbecue alongside an exceptional bar program. With an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients, brisket, and smoked meats, we utilize traditional Thai techniques to achieve the familiar smokey-salty-sweet barbecue that Kansas Citians love. The use of palm sugar, Thai smoking methods, and authentic sauces require the type of precision and experience Liberda is known for. Heavenly seasoning on flame-fired meats paired with jasmine rice and papaya salad are bringing new invigoration and excitement to the barbecue scene here in town. 

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