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Pam Liberda

Co-Executive Chef

Chef Pam Liberda was born in Lampang, Northern Thailand. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at Mahidol University and emigrated to Kansas City in 1998. After falling in love with Teddy Liberda, who at the time owned Thai Place Restaurant chain, she decided to give up her nursing career and follow her passions in the culinary scene. She has since helped Teddy open eight restaurants.

Pam took time to focus on raising their two daughters and providing a stable home environment for her family. With no formal training, she acquired her culinary skills by watching and cooking homestyle dishes alongside her mother growing up. Liberda’s passion for food led her to work with Cerner as the International Station Chef, cooking her international inspired cuisine daily for more than 500 patrons. Now, with her husband Teddy’s help and support, Liberda is running the show, preparing her own authentic, homestyle, delicious Thai food for the guests at both Waldo Thai and Buck Tui BBQ. 

Pam Liberda was voted “2021 Chef of the Year’ in Kansas City by Feast Magazine.